OOTD: Festival Ready

Happy New Years to all my lovely readers!  I can safely say that this has been one of the greatest new years I’ve had. I am looking forward to what will come from 2017…

It’s Festival season down under, and I was lucky enough to start my year with Field Day…. Think, TKay, High as a kite, Hermitude, SAFIA, Childish Gambino and Chance the Rapper, just to name a few. Oh and don’t forget lots of glitter!


OOTD: Dress – Atmos&Here Belt- Borrowed Boots- Therapy



Love always,

Bec x


How to: A Country Christmas

Merry Christmas one and all! Welcome to a country Christmas…

What you will need:

  • A farm house
  • A spiked punch
  • A killer cheese board (or two)
  • A pet sheep
  • Round it up with some sunny weather
  • And a group of your closest family and friends…


Key piece: Shorts by Alice in the Eve

May you all have a wonderful time. No matter what you do, spend it with whoever you love.

Love always,

Bec x

Six things I’ve learnt in the last six months since living out of home….

Welcome to another blogpost! It has been roughly six months since I first moved out of home and I thought I’d share with you some of things I’ve learnt along the way. It has been tough at times, but overall, such a rewarding experience…

1. Budgeting is key

I’ve learnt that experimenting with a budget ultimately prevents you from making it half way through the fortnight, with only $5 left in your account.

2. Problems don’t fix themselves

It’s best to be proactive with sticky situations. Even if it means googling how to set a rat trap (true story).

3. Good food is my friend

Eating a balance diet, although difficult, has prevented my life from spiralling out of control.

4. The simple things in life are bliss 

A kind gesture from a stranger or finding $5 on the foot path. Every little thing helps.

5. Major appreciation for my parents

It is only now that I realise how difficult it must of been to raise a house full of children, do the cooking and cleaning, all while being a functioning member of society. Here’s looking at you Mum and Dad!

6. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

Literally though. Without the experience of moving out of home, I wouldn’t of found my love for writing, how bad ass I can be at cooking, or the fact that anyone can be a morning person.

Love always,

Bec x

Last minute gift ideas… 

With only three weeks until Christmas, I think we can all agree that we’re slightly unorganised (or in my case, a lot). Whether you have one more person to buy for or haven’t even started (also me) I’ve put together a few gift ideas that pretty much everyone will love! Get prepared to swipe that card…



Gone are the days when socks were a lame gift. Now think luxury and style. Buy one or the whole set!


Parker pens are the perfect gift for anyone. From a senior at highschool or a man conquering the business world! Make it even more special by having their name engraved.



Personalised leather key ring. Perfect for the girl who has everything!



I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t appreciate a quality candle as a gift! So many fragrances to choose from…


I hope this little gift guide helped you with at least one or four more of your gifts this silly season! Until next time…

Love always,

Bec x


November Favourites

Welcome everyone! As the month is drawing to a close I thought I’d let you in on what I’ve been loving for the month of November. Enjoy!

  • What I am singing to..
“Something” by Julien Baker
  • Favourite scent..
Grapefruit by Cotton on Body
  • What I’m reading..
The Collective Hub
  • Favourite beauty product..
Face and Body foundation by MAC
  • What I’m wearing..
Strappy heels by Billini


Love always,

Bec X

The diary of a ‘Gappy’

For many people, having a gap year means having the opportunity to travel and explore the world. For others, including me, having a gap year was a chance to slog it out in hospitality or retail for 12 months to save money for further education.

It’s been just over 12 months since I finished my last highschool exam, and although it’s been tough at times, I can honestly say I’ve grown as a person because of it. I thought I’d share with you a few things that I’ve discovered and learnt since leaving school (coz why not).

1. Finding your true friends

Yes, you’ve heard it all before, but in short, you realise who you’d prefer to make an effort for because life is too short to spend on unpleasant people honey…
2.  Having a purpose

Lots of people are more than happy just to do there thing through life, but for me, Ive realised I need to have more of a purpose – something to work for (and Netflix marathons don’t count). Hence the birth of this blog.

3. Confidence

Throughout this year, I’ve become more confident and comfortable in my own skin. I’ve stopped giving a damn what others think of me. It’s amazing what happens when your distanced from concrete walls enclosed with other moody, judgemental teenagers. Am I right?!

4. Opportunities

If you look up and start paying attention, you notice how many job, travel and social oppurtunities are with in your grasp when your not worried about exam results.

5. Free time

And lastly, on a little side note, you have so much free time when your not studying for exams. It’s easy to get bored . True though.

So if you’re leaving school and still unsure of what to do with yourself, don’t. Just dive  into the year head first and take every oppurtunity that comes your way. I hate that this post is so cheesy but it’s coming from someone who has “been there, done that”.


Love always,

Bec x