DIY – Fringe Denim

Hello everyone! Welcome back…

Today I thought I’d share a little project I created over the weekend. Fringe denim is popping up more and more, all over social media and the style scene. What’s even better… this literally cost me $0 to make as I owned everything before hand ie. I made money (logic).

The inspo…


  • Find any kind of denim you wish to recreate…


Find your self a piece of denim that is woven and avoid anything that is too stretchy. A quick tip is to check for white thread moving horizontally on the back of the fabric.

  • Cut the hem…


Begin by cutting the hem, leaving a raw edge.

  • Start pulling threads…


Grab a pair of tweezers and begin pulling out the white threads at the edge of the hem. It is easier to find them on the opposite side of the fabric. Be patient and you will start to create a fringe. You may pull out as many rows as you like until you find the desired length of fringe.

  • TAADAA!!! 

And that completes the look! Give your denim a wash and you’re ready to go…

I hope you enjoyed this little DIY! Thank you for reading!

Love always,



OOTD: Festival Ready

Happy New Years to all my lovely readers!  I can safely say that this has been one of the greatest new years I’ve had. I am looking forward to what will come from 2017…

It’s Festival season down under, and I was lucky enough to start my year with Field Day…. Think, TKay, High as a kite, Hermitude, SAFIA, Childish Gambino and Chance the Rapper, just to name a few. Oh and don’t forget lots of glitter!


OOTD: Dress – Atmos&Here Belt- Borrowed Boots- Therapy



Love always,

Bec x

Shopping on a Budget

Please raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimised by unworn clothes.

One of my fears in life is buying an item of clothing, regardless of wether it cost me $20 or $200, and letting it sit in my wardrobe never to be worn by me. The fact is I love shopping. But I also hate being broke.

No matter what kind of budget you are on, it is still possible to have a great wardrobe, and sleep soundly at night knowing you are able to pay your rent….. So with that, I’ve compiled a list of tips that I myself, tries to follow.

Shop mindfully…

When going on a spree, an easy way to save money is asking some questions to your self so you don’t end up with a whole heap of clothes that you’ll never wear. Is it your style? Can I pair it with multiple items in my wardrobe? Will I have another event to wear this to?

Invest in quality classics…

Find items that are not only great quality (sometimes it’s worth the price tag), but are also timeless. That way you will forever have items you can wear to death, and never have to spend a dime repurchasing  cheap and nasty replicas.


I love a sale! Some of my favourite pieces come from the sale section. But sometimes you need patience to sort through the racks until you find the perfect piece… that isn’t two sizes to small.

Have a list…

When on a strict budget, keep a list of things you actually need, or are dying to buy. This will stop you from buying random bits and pieces that you’ll throw away a month later.

After pay…

More and more websites are now introducing afterpay! Basically, you can recieve your items right away and pay off the total over 8 weeks! Woo! And there is no extra charges or interest. My favourite websites include, Princess Polly, Glue Store and in store at Top Shop.

Let me know what you think in the comments! I hope that everyone is enjoying my regular posts because I know I love writing!

Love always,

Bec x

Featured picture:


MADE Sydney

Happy Sunday everyone!

Yesterday I spent my time volunteering at ‘MADE Sydney’, presented by Mercedes Benz Australia. The first of its kind in Australia, an event showcasing skateboarding, music and fashion. Despite the 35 degree heat, the vibe was awesome and so too were the people.


There were markets from international designers, documentary viewings and awesome art. The main event however, was a showcase of Faith Connexion Paris, the first time they’ve been shown in Australia.


So much colour, texture and layer! A laid back runway which included dancing and selfie taking. One of my favourite runway shows by far!

One of the amazing things with volunteering is brushing shoulders with incredible designers, models and influencers. Did I mention watching the shows?


Thank you to Miro Door and Mecerdes Benz for having me!

Love always,

Bec x


It’s a no brainer that chokers have made a major comeback since the 90’s. They instantly bring edge and interest to any outfit, and who doesn’t love effortless style!

As the rainy weather has set in for the weekend, I’ve been inspired to some DIY on the trend. These are so affordable and quick so you can save some $$$ for more important things… Like avo smash….

I’ve created 3 looks for you that requires now sewing, no hot glue and no special skills! Yay for that!

The staple

I simply used one metre of suede string and threaded beads onto the end! I love this choker as you can style it so many ways!

Velvet dreams

I love the Gatsby feel i get from this one! I cut a pice of the velvet ribbon long enough to go around my kneck. I then simply used metal snap fasteners on each end to secure it around my kneck! They can be found at any good haberdashery store. Lastly I carefully singed the end of the ribbon with a lighter to stop fraying.

Screaming 60’s 

This is definitely my favourite! With a bit of a flapper influence this is super fun but so classy! To make this, I used the same steps as the prvious choker. Easy peesy!

I hope you enjoyed this little DIY post. Comment your thoughts and any questions!

Love always,

Bec x

White Shirt Wonders – 4 ways to style a classic

As we move through the mid season – a bipolar fusion of summer and winter – I always find myself reaching for the wardrobe staple.

I’m not sure whether it’s the fact it’s so damn comfy (hello pj’s!), or that it can make you look cooler than a polar bear’s toe nail. But I’ve taken some inspo and a little bit of experimenting to bring you my four favourite variations of the classic.

Sure it’s not exactly rocket science, but it can go a long way in terms of creating your next ensemble.

Love always,

Bec X

1. Half in, Half Out

2. Add a bit of flare! 

Leave the sleeves unbuttoned…

3. A little bit daring…


Sorry Mum and Dad, pair with a cool bralette

4. And something completely different…

Wrap the sleeves around your waist or decolletage for something more fun…