DIY – Fringe Denim

Hello everyone! Welcome back…

Today I thought I’d share a little project I created over the weekend. Fringe denim is popping up more and more, all over social media and the style scene. What’s even better… this literally cost me $0 to make as I owned everything before hand ie. I made money (logic).

The inspo…


  • Find any kind of denim you wish to recreate…


Find your self a piece of denim that is woven and avoid anything that is too stretchy. A quick tip is to check for white thread moving horizontally on the back of the fabric.

  • Cut the hem…


Begin by cutting the hem, leaving a raw edge.

  • Start pulling threads…


Grab a pair of tweezers and begin pulling out the white threads at the edge of the hem. It is easier to find them on the opposite side of the fabric. Be patient and you will start to create a fringe. You may pull out as many rows as you like until you find the desired length of fringe.

  • TAADAA!!! 

And that completes the look! Give your denim a wash and you’re ready to go…

I hope you enjoyed this little DIY! Thank you for reading!

Love always,



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