Shopping on a Budget

Please raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimised by unworn clothes.

One of my fears in life is buying an item of clothing, regardless of wether it cost me $20 or $200, and letting it sit in my wardrobe never to be worn by me. The fact is I love shopping. But I also hate being broke.

No matter what kind of budget you are on, it is still possible to have a great wardrobe, and sleep soundly at night knowing you are able to pay your rent….. So with that, I’ve compiled a list of tips that I myself, tries to follow.

Shop mindfully…

When going on a spree, an easy way to save money is asking some questions to your self so you don’t end up with a whole heap of clothes that you’ll never wear. Is it your style? Can I pair it with multiple items in my wardrobe? Will I have another event to wear this to?

Invest in quality classics…

Find items that are not only great quality (sometimes it’s worth the price tag), but are also timeless. That way you will forever have items you can wear to death, and never have to spend a dime repurchasing  cheap and nasty replicas.


I love a sale! Some of my favourite pieces come from the sale section. But sometimes you need patience to sort through the racks until you find the perfect piece… that isn’t two sizes to small.

Have a list…

When on a strict budget, keep a list of things you actually need, or are dying to buy. This will stop you from buying random bits and pieces that you’ll throw away a month later.

After pay…

More and more websites are now introducing afterpay! Basically, you can recieve your items right away and pay off the total over 8 weeks! Woo! And there is no extra charges or interest. My favourite websites include, Princess Polly, Glue Store and in store at Top Shop.

Let me know what you think in the comments! I hope that everyone is enjoying my regular posts because I know I love writing!

Love always,

Bec x

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