It’s a no brainer that chokers have made a major comeback since the 90’s. They instantly bring edge and interest to any outfit, and who doesn’t love effortless style!

As the rainy weather has set in for the weekend, I’ve been inspired to some DIY on the trend. These are so affordable and quick so you can save some $$$ for more important things… Like avo smash….

I’ve created 3 looks for you that requires now sewing, no hot glue and no special skills! Yay for that!

The staple

I simply used one metre of suede string and threaded beads onto the end! I love this choker as you can style it so many ways!

Velvet dreams

I love the Gatsby feel i get from this one! I cut a pice of the velvet ribbon long enough to go around my kneck. I then simply used metal snap fasteners on each end to secure it around my kneck! They can be found at any good haberdashery store. Lastly I carefully singed the end of the ribbon with a lighter to stop fraying.

Screaming 60’s 

This is definitely my favourite! With a bit of a flapper influence this is super fun but so classy! To make this, I used the same steps as the prvious choker. Easy peesy!

I hope you enjoyed this little DIY post. Comment your thoughts and any questions!

Love always,

Bec x


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